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Surrogacy and Donation Overview

Surrogacy and donation at a glance

Surrogacy refers to a woman becoming pregnant, through in vitro fertilization (IVF) or artificial insemination, and delivering a child on behalf of a parent or couple who cannot carry a successful pregnancy on their own.

Donation in fertility treatment refers to a couple or parent using sperm, egg(s) or embryo(s) donated by other people in order to achieve pregnancy through IVF treatment.

Donation and/or surrogacy in conjunction with assisted reproductive technologies allows an individual or couple to become biological parents, which would not have been possible otherwise.

Monitoring Process

Finding the right donor or surrogate mother is a very personal process, and we work hard to ensure that you find the perfect match. We have found that most prospective parents “feel a connection” when they find the right donor. We offer Full-scale service with the support of individual agent and nurse (provision with apartment and housing services, in special cases) in case of surrogacy.

Surrogacy and Donation in GGRC

Georgian-German Reproductive Center provides selection of surrogate mother and egg donor from its personal database, protocol planning and management for Georgian and foreign patients. Age of donor – 18-28, and surrogate mother – 21-38.

Service of qualified lawyer (from contract execution through child birth registration). All the contracts are executed in compliance with applicable Georgian legislation and International legal regulations, and notary certified.

The Company provides embryo NGS examination in Israeli, Turkish and Ukrainian leading laboratories, if required.

Surrogacy and Donation

Sperm Donation

If you need donor sperm to complete your family, we can help you by offering an affordable IVF Package which includes everything you’ll need during your treatment cycle.

Our All-Inclusive IVF and Donor Sperm Package is perfect for everyone who require donor sperm to have baby.

We can help you find a sperm donor and guide you through each step of your journey to ensure creating your dream family is as straightforward as possible.

Egg Donation

GGRC has a personal data base for donors, where you can find a donor to match your specific characteristics. We have details of skin, eye and hair color as well as education and medical history. will assist you every step of the way, helping you fulfill your dream of starting a family.

We understands the needs of both prospective parents and egg donors. During your egg donation search, you will be able to view an egg donor database with detailed egg donor profiles.

Surrogacy for All

From finding the perfect surrogate for your needs to reviewing insurance claims, we are a full-service clinic. We offer more than simply matching intended parents with a healthy gestational carrier.

Dreaming of becoming a parent while on a long, difficult journey can be stressful, and the mental, emotional, and financial struggles often associated with fertility solutions can become overwhelming. We want you to know that making the decision to go through a surrogacy program with GGRC is a comfortable, reliable solution to becoming a parent.

Our team is here to walk the journey beside you, offering compassion, guidance, and support when you need it.

Surrogacy for HIV Positive

There are many reasons why our parents choose surrogacy as a solution to overcoming fertility struggles.

Many of our parents have already undergone failed IVF attempts, some of them have more serious reason like HIV-positive.

We proudly offer surrogacy for HIV-positive parents-to-be at our compassionate facility.

Our team has access to the latest advances in Assisted Reproductive Technologies that we need in order to provide this extra care, enabling us to offer these programs and deliver healthy babies to HIV-positive parents.

What are the risks of surrogacy and donation?

Although the medical risks are similar to those associated with IVF, surrogacy and donation also carry emotional and legal considerations for recipient parents, donors and surrogates related to genetic relationships and carrying a pregnancy.

A physician may suggest that individuals and/or couples dealing with these issues seek professional counseling from psychologists and attorneys specialized in third-party reproduction issues.

Those considering surrogacy or egg, sperm or embryo donation may want to speak with other patients who have gone through a similar process. Our staff can direct patients to support groups and other resources.

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