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Welcome to GGRC - Georgia!

Thank you for choosing most friendly place on the planet and known with its special hospitality and open hearted people – WELCOME TO GEORGIA – land of miracles, and your miracle supposed to be born   here

If you’re interested IVF treatment with minimal risk and high-quality service, GGRC is the place for you. Our clinic provides safe fertility treatments through innovative technologies, simplified processes and the highest standards of care.

Right of alternative motherhood (“Surrogate motherhood”) existing in Georgia is most loyal and responsible in the world, our lawyer with your personal agent will support you from first day to baby delivery.

During one year over 200 patients from Israel, China, USA, Canada become parents at our center.

Why in Georgia?

In some countries, unmarried women are banned from undergoing IVF procedures
In some countries, they only allow sperm donations from the couple
In some countries, certain forms of treatment are banned
In some countries, they don’t allow embryos to be frozen
In some countries, surrogacy is prohibited

If you need safe, innovative and quality IVF treatment, GGRC in Tbilisi should be your first choice. We’re the lowest cost private clinic, so take that first step and book your initial consultation and scan with our experienced consultants.


✔ We offer selection of surrogate mother and egg donor from our personal and exclusive database.
✔ All inclusive at GGRC – you don’t have to look for agency, doctor, fertility clinic or laboratory – all needed services are available at place.
✔ Service of qualified lawyer (from contract execution through child birth registration) All the contracts are executed in compliance with applicable Georgian legislation and International legal regulations, and notary certified.
✔ Process monitoring.
✔ Full-scale service with the support of individual agent and nurse (provision with apartment and housing services, in special cases).
✔ The Company provides embryo NGS examination in Israeli, Turkish and Ukrainian leading laboratories, if required.

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How to get a surrogate?

You can start your search to find surrogate mother online. It is free to leave a request in our form below and find out more about how to get a surrogate mother. Fill in your details, and our managers will get back to you as soon as they can to discuss how the process works and how to begin to find surrogate mother perfect for your family.

What are you waiting for?

If you are planning on finding the right surrogate mother for you as a couple, then leave the hard and tedious work to the professionals. You will be in the best hands and soon be the parents you have always dreamed to be.

FAQ about Surrogate Woman

Once we successfully match Intended Parents with a surrogate mother and all the legal procedures are met, we go ahead with the IVF procedure. This involves carrying out hormonal stimulation on the surrogate to allow for the cultivation of embryos and their attachment to her uterine cavity.

Yes, we will perform multiple medical examinations throughout the gestation period to ensure the success of the process. There will be ultrasounds every month and screenings for genetic pathologies on weeks 12 and 16.

Besides, we assign our surrogate mothers to psychologists to help them throughout this emotionally draining process. However, we understand that each surrogate mother has their unique approach to a successful pregnancy – having been through one already – hence we let them go through the process as naturally as possible.

No, all our surrogate moms sign a notarized contract with the Intended Parents before the start of the IVF procedure, indicating that they do not have any legal rights to the newborn.

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