A Hands-on workshop on duplex sonographic examination of veins

November 12, 2022

A Hands-on workshop on the duplex sonographic study of veins.

An invited vascular specialist will conduct the seminar,

Niki Georgiou Registered Vascular Specialist.

Self-employed – European University Cyprus.

November 12, 2022.

A Hands-on workshop on the duplex sonographic study of veins will be held in Todua clinic.  An invited vascular specialist will conduct the seminar, independent expert Niki Georgiou.

The purpose of the hands-on workshop is to demonstrate research protocols, and share various tricks and practical tips that we use to diagnose acute and chronic venous disease. The importance of patient positioning, appropriate transducer use, principles of imaging, and image optimization will be emphasized.

Start at 13:00

Address: Tevdore Mgvdli st. 13. Todua Clinic. Central entrance, first block, 2nd floor, conference hall.

12:30-13:00 registration

13:00 Opening of the seminar – presentation of the Georgian versions of the international documents processed by the functional diagnostic group of the association

Duplex sonographic staging methodology for chronic venous disease of the lower extremities – UIP consensus document. Part I.
Duplex sonography of veins in chronic venous disease of the lower extremities.- UIP consensus document. Part II- Anatomy.
Duplex sonographic study of deep venous thrombosis of the lower extremities. Multidisciplinary Recommendations of the Consensus Conference of the Society of Radiologists.
Pelvic engorgement syndrome – UIP consensus document
President of Sakarveli Angiologists and Vascular Surgeons Association

Tamar Abzianidze

14:00 – practical part – examination of patients

Niki Georgiou – Registered Vascular Specialist

Identification of ultrasound anatomy of veins and surrounding tissues.
Recognition of ultrasonographic criteria for diagnosis of acute and chronic venous disease.
Examination of abdominal and pelvic veins

Identify the major deep veins from the diaphragm to the inguinal ligament.
Finding compression syndromes on veins, such as nutcracker and iliac vein compression syndromes.
Identify the ovarian and internal iliac veins and use different testing methods to assess reflux.
Lower extremity with superficial venous insufficiency

Detection of reflux in the great saphenous vein and its tributaries.
Detection of reflux in the small saphenous vein and its tributaries.
Communicating veins between the great and small saphenous veins, leading to perforator pathology in areas of the major perforating vein.
Obstruction of deep veins
Identification of iliac vein obstruction following transferred deep vein thrombosis.
Identification of postthrombotic lesions in the deep veins below the inguinal ligament.
Assessment of venous collaterals in case of deep venous obstruction.

Niki Georgiou is a registered nurse (BScN) and has evolved in the field of Vascular Ultrasound. She was trained under the wing of Professor Andrew Nicolaides and at Charing Cross Hospital in London. She has acquired a Fulbright scholarship to further her knowledge at Stony Brook University in Long Island, New York, especially in renal artery stenosis. She is currently working in Cyprus as a freelance vascular ultrasonographer in the diagnosis of vascular disease. She is a fully accredited Registered Vascular Specialist (RVS) through Cardiovascular Credentialing International. She has numerous scientific publications and international awards for her work in cardiovascular research and for the past 7 years has been trainer at the European Venous Forum Hands on Workshop in venous ultrasound to healthcare professionals from all over the world.