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GAAVS – Georgian Association of Angiologists and Vascular Surgeons.

The Georgian Association of Angiologists and Vascular Surgeons was founded in 1998 and united all the specialists working in this field in our country.

GAAVS Presidents:
The association’s first president in 1998-2001 was Professor Giorgi Natsvlishvili.

In the following years, the presidents of the association were:

The main goal of the association's activity is:

Implementation and development of medical science and practical achievements in the fields of angiology and vascular surgery in Georgia; getting education and skills of specialists; Facilitate conducting research in the field of cardiovascular physiology, pathology, biology, disease treatment and dissemination of the obtained results.

Standardization of the classification and nomenclature of vascular diseases, as well as the main methods of diagnosis and treatment in accordance with international standards, in order to create unified statistics of vascular diseases in the country. Elaboration and refinement of Georgian angiological terminology.

Conducting sessions, lectures, seminars, conferences and meetings of scientific and practical meetings.

Development of scientific and practical, as well as organizational relations with the head and regional organizations of Georgian medical and foreign angiology and vascular surgery.

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